Navient Student Loan Refinance Program

Navient Student Loan Refinance Program Review

Navient Student Loan Refinance

If you need to apply for a student loan, there are servicer companies that can help you to issue your applications with various advantages they can offer you. Navient Corp. is one such company. You can work with Navient for both private and federal student loans. In addition to loan applications, the company offers Navient Student Loan Refinance solutions. And in this article, we will talk about this refinancing option. Down here you will find the details you need to know.

Before getting into the details, we should mention one particular aspect of Navient Student Loan Refinance. Normally you can work with almost any company that offers such loans as long as you meet their criteria, regardless if you got your loan from them or not. However, unlike other alternatives, Navient Student Loan Refinance is exclusive for the people that worked with Navient for borrowing their student loans. So, you should keep this in mind. If you are okay with this condition, let’s get into the details of Navient Student Loan Refinance.

Navient Student Loan Refinance Review

Navient Student Loan Refinance is one of the most attractive options you can find to repay your student loans. The company offers adjustable options for your payments. Also, it helps you with some practices like interest rate reduction when you have financial problems.

Unlike most alternatives, to be able to apply for Navient Student Loan Refinance, you don’t need to be graduated from the school you got you loans for. This can help many people especial who needed to leave school for many possible reasons after they got student loans.

Also, Navient Student Loan Refinance doesn’t require you to have a cosigner. Note that, we don’t mean that it is optional, it is not possible to have a cosigner added in your application for this refinancing. This can be both good and bad depending on your situation. While it could be good for you if your credit score is efficient but you have problems with finding a cosigner, but it is not that good if your credit score is low and you could use the boost that would come with a cosigner.

Also, note that Navient does not openly disclose the required credit score for its student loan refinance program. So, you just need to have a credit score that would generally be accepted as high.

Chase Student Loan Refinance And Navient Relation

If you are doing online research for refinancing your student loan, you probably came across the name of another option quite often; “Chase Student Loan Refinance“. This option seems to be better than most offers according to the search results.

However, “Chase Student Loan Refinance program” is not available anymore. Or to put it more correctly, it is now executed under a different company and name. This program is acquired by Navient Corp. in the past and merged into their services.

Nowadays, you may still encounter many reviews for Chase Student Loan Refinance. So, just keep in mind that it is now called Navient Student Loan Refinance. Therefore the information you can read about the program might be partially changed with its new parent company.

Navient Student Loan Refinance Interest Rates, Terms, and Limits

Navient Student Loan Refinance Program lets you choose one of two options for the way that interest rates are determined. You can either choose to have fixed rates and know the amount you will pay each month or choose to have variable rates that will change your payments according to the market values and have lower payments in exchange of not knowing the exact amount you will pay each month.

Interest Rates

According to your credit score and the market status, the interest rates you will get will change within a range. With Navient Student Loan Refinance, if you choose to have fixed interest rates, this range will be within 3.48% to 7.35%. And, if you choose variable interest rates, it will be somewhere between 2.88% and 7.25%.

Repayment Terms

When it comes to the term you will be paying for the refinanced loan, Navient gives you multiple options for this aspect as well. With the “Navient Student Loan Refinance Program”, you can choose a repayment term within the range that starts from 5 years and goes up to 20 years.

Loan Limits

Just like almost all other refinancing options, Navient Student Loan Refinance Program has some limits for the loan debt size that you can use it to refinance too. First of all, in order to be eligible for this program, you need to have student loan debts more than $5000 in total. This is not much difficult to meet for most people.

The more important limit is the upper limit for the student loan debt that the company will cover. Navient Student Loan Refinance Program determines the maximum amount you can refinance differently for different education levels. For undergraduate and graduate degrees, this limit is $150,000 in total. However, for professional degree programs, the maximum amount of student loan debt that you can refinance is set to $250,000.

Keep in mind that, as we mentioned at the beginning, the student loans that can be counted within these limits have to be serviced by Navient. Student loans that you got from other companies cannot be refinanced with Navient Student Loan Refinance Program, hence they don’t get counted towards your limits.

Choosing Navient Refinance

Overall, it seems like there are fewer determining factors that you would consider before applying for Navient Student Loan Refinance. While the company offers a well-designed refinancing program, it is only available for Navient serviced Student Loans.

Therefore, if you got your student loans from Navient, perhaps this refinancing program should be the first loan you should apply. However, if you didn’t get your student loans from the company, Navient Student Loan Refinance program is not an option for you.

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